What our students have to say

Chinese martial arts can be beneficial to many people in many ways. We asked students what they thought of the school and their experience, here’s what they had to say:

This is the place

The Chinese Martial Arts Academy of Austin, which is actually in Cedar Park, is a great school. You can learn Northern Shaolin kung fu, modern Wushu and Tai Chi. Students are free to focus on any or all of these styles. The school has a great facility. The open space is large, there are stretching bars, exercise equipment and various training bags. All of these mean nothing without a good instructor and this school has got that too. Sifu Scott understands people have different interests, limits and strengths and he works with the student on improving all those things in the individualized portion of the class. This place is not a McDojo, you will work hard and you will learn a lot. If you want to learn the martial and the art this is the place.

Aki T.
Austin, TX

Authentic school of instruction

I’ve been studying Chinese martial arts for a couple of years now and without a doubt the Chinese Martial Arts Academy of Austin is the real deal.

You get instruction in both traditional Northern Long Fist (Chan Quan) and modern Wushu as well. There are also Yang Style Tai Chi, Chi Gong, and Chin Na lessons.

The classes are relatively small, where you get plenty of attention from the friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated Sifu Scott. The students in the school are all highly dedicated and eager to explore all aspects of Kung Fu/Wushu. Kids classes are available too.

One important note: this is not a place where people stand in line in bright uniforms and punch for 2 hours. This is an authentic school of instruction where you are going to practice both fighting and the “art” aspect of martial arts.

With this type of focus, the school may not look like the stereotypical “martial arts academy”, but if you want to genuinely learn Kung Fu this is the place. I live and work in Austin, but I gladly commute up to Cedar Park to practice. The place is just that good.

Ariel R.
Austin, TX

Personalized attention

Great school. Small classes with personalized attention. Sifu Scott is very patient with beginners like myself in Kung Fu. Curriculum is very traditional, Northern Long Fist style. Forms are very practical, and good mixture of exercises, stretching, grabs/joint locks, and standard forms.

End of class is left for individualized training. Very relaxed, laid back atmosphere. Highly recommend studying kung fu with Sifu Scott.

Julio R.
Round Rock, TX

I was in the right place

I feel very very strongly about the quality of your school. Frankly, it is what I am used to. I’ve moved a lot, and it is always so hard for me to find a school where I am comfortable. Yours is by far, in my opinion, the top school I have seen in Austin, and I have looked at many. Nothing comes close.

My passion is the type of art I’ve seen in your school. I like forms, and I like weapons. And frankly, I like the way your students do forms, and that is how I want to learn it.

When looking at any martial arts school, it is the senior students I always look to in order to judge what is possible if I train hard and apply myself. I always consider it the example of what the Sifu was capable of conveying. [Chris and Jason] are a perfect example of why I chose to be at this school. It has always been difficult for me to find schools where I wanted to train, but I had a feeling before I got to Austin, that this was going to be the one. When I saw the quality and dedication to detail, on the very first day, I knew I was in the right place.

Anne H.
Round Rock, TX

Lower cholesterol, discipline, and self-confidence

As an older non-traditional athlete looking for more, I joined Sifu Scott’s Traditional Northern Shaolin Kung Fu/Contemporary Wushu school, and for over a year and a half, succeeded in developing better body conditioning, lost weight and changed my diet which resulted in lower cholesterol, learned discipline and self-confidence in a martial art way, obtained the 7th level gray sash, and skills that I practice to this day.

Mark H.
Austin, TX

Back into a healthy body

When I was recovering from late stage Lyme disease, my fatigue and neurological problems made exercise very difficult. Yet, I knew exercise was critical for my recovery. Practicing tai chi at the Chinese Martial Arts Academy of Austin gave me a form of exercise that was fully adaptable to my body’s challenges. Tai chi was the first step in getting me out of bed and back into a healthy body.

Karol H.
Austin, TX

My lower back pain is almost non-existent

I spent the mid nineties working in a warehouse stacking crates. These crates varied from 75-90 lbs. We would stack them 8ft. high on palettes. After 4 years of this kind of work, the lower back eventually stops cooperating. I stopped working at the warehouse due to unbearable lower back pain. Standing, laying, sitting in various positions, nothing stopped the pain. I saw my doctor and he told me he could give me meds to dull the pain but, no meds to fix the problem.

I’ve always had a desire to learn martial arts. An obsession with Jet Li and a need for better health led me to the Chinese Martial Arts Academy of Austin. Ironically, my first class was nearly hindered by a flare up as my back was killing me. I made it through work so I figured I’d go to class and explain my situation to the instructor upon arrival. Sifu Scott has experience in Physical Therapy and told me to do what I could. We began class with basic drills and stance work. After that we stretched and had individual study. As the class progressed, I noticed a warm feeling in my back but, not the piercing pain I had felt numerous times previous. The following day, mobility had returned with only a small reminder of the previous days back pain. So small a reminder, I forgot about my back by lunch.

It’s been 4 yrs. since that first class. My annual, bi-annual bout with lower back pain is almost non-existent. With continual practice, my back has survived moving various friends across town, long nights of standing on my feet, and long hours of sitting on a drum throne while practicing.

Where medicine was pointless and surgery only a band aid, wushu continually sustains my physical and mental health.

Thanks to Sifu Scott and my family at the Chinese Martial Arts Academy of Austin.

Garry F.
Austin, TX

Individualized with a focus on fundamentals

What I liked most about the school is that it was individualized — I could work out according to my level and strength. David understood that each person was different, and had different goals and needs. So I could learn at my pace.

Kung Fu can be rather intimidating, especially for women. I at first meant to just try out the class — and I ended up staying for 4 years! I started martial arts thinking it would be a good exerciese, with an additional benefit of learning self-defense skills. I learned that it was not only good exercise and opprotunity to learn self-defense, but also a good stress reducer. I looked forward to the class especially after a stressful day. I felt comfortable and enjoyed working out with others here. The classmates were all very friendly and supportive. We all went out to dinners and had parties outside of the class.

Another thing I liked about the school is that we learned the important fundamentals very well. Since I got into martial arts, I tried out several other schools, and I liked here most for it. I don't like schools that are commercially oriented. They allow you to test so often and give you all kinds of sashes even though you may not really be at the level outside of the school. The difference in the fundamentals shows at national competitions. Those who have studied diligently with David have won so many prizes at the national level, and it shows that the good fundamentals go a long way.

All in all, this is a great school. Come by and try out!

Alexis F.

Family training

Under Sifu Scott our family was able to train together which was a wonderful experience for both my son and me. Sifu Scott and the other teachers were very helpful and I really liked the fact that they were detail oriented. Everyone at the school was helpful and encouraging which made it feel more like a family than a place to work out. If you are looking for an experienced teacher and a martial arts style that is extensive and has a long history then this school is for you.

Matt D.
Cedar Park, TX